Holiferm’s Products

Biosurfactants from renewable feedstocks via a natural fermentation process

Holiferm produce biosurfactants from renewable feedstocks via a natural fermentation process, using yeast naturally found in honey. Holiferm’s sophorolipids are 100% biodegradable, bio-based surfactants, which are offered in high and low foaming versions.

Honeysurf & Holisurf

While all Holiferm products are produced via the natural fermentation process, how they are treated afterwards helps to determine their final usage and destination. Holiferm's low foaming (LF) products have no chemical modification and therefore can be used for a variety of applications from hard surface cleaners to face creams, shampoos and conditioners. Holiferm's high foaming (HF) products have undergone a mild chemical transformation, which allows them to generate, produce and stabilise a greater amount of foam. Our HF products are active ingredients and have many applications, such as detergents and car washing products.

All our products at Holiferm exhibit an extremely low toxicological profile and can be used in EU ecolabel formulations. Our LF products are also REACH exempt.

Holiferm can supply samples of HoneySurf LF and HoneySurf HF and are always open to partnering discussions. TDS, SDS and example COA’s are available on request.