Published On: 16th Jun, 2022By Categories: Holiferm News1.3 min read

Work experience opportunity at Holiferm

My name is Alfie Lake and for the past week I have been here at Holiferm on work experience. Throughout the week I have had the opportunity to get an insight into how things run here at Holiferm which has been particularly interesting considering how niche it is.

I have had the opportunity to talk with everyone in the company, from the fermentation scientists themselves, to the people in finance, recruitment, sales and media and it has been really interesting to see what their job roles entail and how each and every one contributes to the businesses success.

I was also given the opportunity to actually go into the labs themselves and see the process of how the biosurfactants are actually produced first hand multiple times, which was really enjoyable and a unique experience. This has also given me more inclination as to what I maybe want to do when I leave college.

Throughout the week I really do feel like I have acquired a large amount of knowledge about the working environment in businesses in general and about the science behind the company, although it only being in a short time period. Personally though, as well as all that, the best thing about Holiferm in my opinion is the people here. Everyone I have spoke to has been welcoming and friendly and the atmosphere here is top. I would 100% recommend for work experience and I’m sure they’ll go far in the future.