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GCHEM° and Holiferm partner to produce the World’s first commercially available car shampoo containing biosurfactants

GCHEM°, based in the Northwest, is using Holiferm’s biosurfactants to produce a car shampoo, which will be the first of its kind commercially available anywhere around the world. It sets a new standard in terms of both performance and environmental responsibility.

GCHEM° are based in the Northwest of England and were set up with car cleaning and detailing, and the environment foremost in their minds. They knew there had to be a way to offer products that ensured high standards of performance which were also sustainable and environmentally friendly. This drive led them to Holiferm’s biosurfactants. With the assistance of Holiferm’s formulators, they created Biosuds. To date they have released a number of products to market including waxes, snow foams, pre-washes and detailers, alongside the equipment needed to use them effectively.

Biosuds is GCHEM°’s first car shampoo to include biosurfactants. This new formulation of car shampoo takes them closer to their aim of making all their products greener and more sustainable. Biosuds is pH neutral and sulphate, PEG, 1-4 Dioxane and petrochemical free. It is also completely biodegradable and consists of 98% sustainable ingredients. It’s a safe yet powerful concentrated formulation which won’t harm waxes, chrome trims, ceramic coatings, matte paint or vinyl. Biosuds is spearheading the future of car shampoos, where petrochemicals will be replaced in all formulations leading to a healthier and lasting impact on the world.

KK Detailing have already tested Biosuds and had this to say, “What I have experienced so far this is going to be an absolute game changer! I don’t know what is in this shampoo but it is so sudsy I cannot believe it, I still had suds in my bucket the next day! Also, it is probably one of the slickest most velvety shampoo I have ever used, just incredible! In all honesty probably one of if not the best shampoos I have ever used. Massive well done for whatever you have done with the formula. Also with it being environmentally friendly I can see this appealing to a much bigger market than just the car detailers and enthusiasts!

Holiferm was founded on the back of patented gravity separation technology developed at the University of Manchester. As a company it aims to disrupt the market and replace all petrochemical produced surfactants with naturally produced biosurfactants. They use yeast derived from honey to produce biosurfactants using a continuous cycle method, which makes them not only more economically viable, but more environmentally friendly too. The biosurfactants have applications in many products found around the home including cosmetics, skin care, shower gels and hand cleansers. Currently there are two products on the market; HoneySurf and HoliSurf. They both come in two versions LF and HF. LF is highly lactonic and produces a low amount of foam. HF is highly acidic and produces a high volume of foam.

Managing Director of Holiferm, Richard Lock noted of the new partnership, “At Holiferm we are not just about partnering with the big companies, we see the benefits in working with and supporting independent companies too. Our partnership with GCHEM° allows us to see our biosurfactants in use. We also love their green credentials, which combine well with our own mission to make chemical manufacturing more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Managing Director of GCHEM°, Alex Gallagher noted of the new partnership, “As a startup company, we cannot thank Holiferm enough for backing us in our mission to transform the car care industry forever. BIOSUDS is just the beginning of our journey and we’re very excited to develop a complete range of unique, sustainable and high performance car care products“.

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