Holiferm’s Technology

Fermentation technologies producing a range of biosurfactants and other lipid molecules

Holiferm’s integrated gravity separation fermentation process provides a cost effective route to a range of biosurfactants and other lipid molecules, delivering high productivity fermentation processes for the manufacture of green, biobased and biodegradable molecules.

How It’s Done

Integrated gravity separation

Holiferm’s technology and know-how spans the entire process for the production of sophorolipids, from feedstock to downstream processing.

Additionally, Holiferm’s knowledge can be applied to develop other fermentation-based production processes which outperform existing processes on a productivity and cost basis.

Gravity Separation

The key reason Holiferm are able to produce sophorolipids at a lower cost point than the state of the art is Holiferm’s superior fermentation technology, combined with knowledge and expertise in downstream processing, which is critical in ensuring sophorolipid product quality and consistency.

Holiferm’s sophorolipid production process is based on a natural yeast fermentation, using vegetable oil and glucose as raw materials.

The downstream process is based around phase and gravity separation, with the integrated gravity separation technology developed by Holiferm having been demonstrated at two commercial sites, to pilot scale, achieving performance of double the state of the art for two of the most economically important metrics for sophorolipid production, reaching titers >1000 g/l and productivities >5 g/l/h.

How It’s Done

Biosurfactant platform development

Holiferm’s technology has been demonstrated for the production of mannosylerythritol lipids (MEL), rhamnolipids and terpenes by fermentation, dramatically enhancing the titer and productivity, and is applicable to the production of a range of glycolipid biosurfactants.

Holiferm has formed a consortium of world leaders in the identification and production of novel biosurfactants, the chemical modification of biosurfactants, and the application of biosurfactants.

This enables Holiferm to offer a complete biosurfactant platform solution, producing biosurfactants tailor-made to an application for an interested company, through our manufacturing partner if preferred, and supporting with formulation and application.

The use of Holiferm’s technology in biosurfactant production can enable an economically viable production for these molecules, enabling market disruption with low-cost biosurfactants.

Other lipids

Holiferm have demonstrated, through a proof of principle study, that the integrated gravity separation technology can be successfully applied to lipid producing fermentations outside the biosurfactant space.

A number of potential targets have been identified:

Polyol esters of fatty acids
Long chain dicarboxylic acids
Hyaluronic acid
Other microbial oils

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