Time to 'Mix' it up!

We at Holiferm are very pleased to announce that on the 9th of March the installation of our pilot plant was finished. This momentous achievement required all hands on deck by our incredible team. It was also achieved with the careful co-ordination of multiple international suppliers to insure a quick installation time, with the appropriate precautions and checks along the way for us to make sure a world-class bio-surfactant pilot plant was produced. The pictures below show the extensive plant and just how much had to be planned, transported and installed to bring this plant to life in only a few months. All of this was achieved during a time of extensive disruption to national and international transportation due to the Covid-19 and Brexit.

The teams at BPES and Solaris Biotech must be mentioned as they have provided invaluable support in the installation of the 600L bio-reactor as well as its manufacture to our exacting specifications. We are looking to have it fully commissioned by the end of March with production ramping up to 25 tonnes per annum.

We have already experienced a great increase in the amount of sophorolipid produced over the last few months. Our 40L bio-reactor ‘The Honeypot’ is  working  around the clock to deliver bucket loads of our great looking amber bio-surfactant Honeysurf. This product has been already been shipped worldwide for testing in many commercial formulations. The pilot plant will allow us to produce the quantities needed for the testing of Honeysurf in many other pilot plants for producing green environmentally friendly commercial products at industrial scale. We are also looking forward to producing more Honeysurf for use in already formulated environmentally friendly formulations for commercial partners.

The new Mix!

One of our commercial partners, Mix, is now releasing a new bio-surfactant based toilet cleaner called whizz Mix which is a toilet bomb lifting dirt through its bubbly action as well as containing sophorolipid to give the toilet a quick clean.

This product like all Mix’s products are fantastic examples of the future of the household cleaning products, highly efficient cleaning products whose environmental impact has been holistically examined and completely minimised. Indeed to this effect Mix has begun replacing all it’s already highly biodegradable surfactants with our completely biodegradable bio-surfactants, starting with their toilet Mix. Toilet Mix will become the 1st UK “nasty label” free  toilet cleaner, making in not only safer for the home but better for the environment. Mix is an incredible small household cleaning product company whose vision for a sustainable household chemical market matches are own.

We are excitedly looking forward to helping break the dependency of the surfactant market on petrochemical based surfactants, while we have a long road ahead our position and energy assure as that we are headed in the right direction.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly at Info@holiferm.com.