Partnering up with BASF

While Holiferm is currently making leaps and bounds towards producing Sophorolipids at industrial scale, we are still passionate about all bio-surfactants. Holiferm believes many different bio-surfactants are needed if we are to break the dependency of the surfactant market on the unsustainable petrochemical industry.

In this vein, Holiferm has joined with BASF in a strategic technology cooperation partnership. Holiferm and BASF will exclusively work together to develop and manufacture glycolipids apart from Sophorolipids, with a view to their application in Home and Personal care markets as well as the Industrial formulator market.

This partnership will combine Holiferm’s unique patented fermentation technology and it’s technical know-how, with BASF’s leading position and extensive knowledge in the target markets. These traits will allow the two companies to bring sustainable innovative solutions faster io the consumers then each company could alone.

Ralph Schweens president of Care Chemicals, BASF has said.

“We see strong business potential in these partnerships. While BASF already has solid innovation and production capabilities for surfactants, we are always scouting for opportunities to work with partners well-rooted in technologies which add to our strength in order to expand our product portfolio with additional biobased products.”

With Holiferm’s own CEO Ben Dolman agreeing.

“We value the collaborative approach BASF takes to strategic development and believe this partnership allows both partners to leverage their key innovation strengths. We look forward to working together to develop these further,”

We at Holiferm couldn’t be happier, as our expanded recently tool-kit  enables us to use our unique technology and skill to address more challenges and provide more sustainable solutions, while still remaining committed to our original focus.

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