Meet The Team – Magda Costa

Next up on our meet the team series is one of our newer additions to the team Magda Costa. Magda joins us after her PhD at Ghent University, which involved optimising yeast performance and the fermentation process. Within her studies she was trying to tie the stages of the fermentation process to what was happening with the proteins within the yeast cells and the everchanging chemical landscape of the broth. This challenging, rigorous approach prepared her well to aid us in our attempts to further refine and understand our novel fermentation process, and we are very happy to welcome her to the team.

What is your current role at Holiferm?

Fermentation and downstream engineer

Favourite quote?

“God wills, man dreams, and the work is born”

-Fernando Pessoa

What are your favourite things to do to relax?

Being in contact with Nature helps me to quiet my mind and grounds me. So I enjoy long walks and hikes. Books, series and movies are amazing to transport me to other locations and times, meeting different people and environments.

What is something you picked up during lockdown?

I became a frequent runner to compensate for all the cake, pie and sweet bread I baked.

Favourite trip/holiday?

5 days in Mallorca. It was the perfect trip to unplug and completely charge my batteries after an intense conference. Just sun, blue water, great food and a good book.

Any pets?

Unfortunately no.

Why did you want to work for Holiferm?

Holiferm is a very innovative, dynamic and sustainable company, which fitted exactly my personal and professional ambitions. I wanted a position in a company that would let me put my experience at use, explore different areas and freedom to think outside the box.

How would you described your character in 3 words?

Ambitious, creative and pragmatic.

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