Meet The Team – Lawrence Clarke

Next up on our meet the team series we move to the commercial development side of Holiferm to meet Lawrence Clarke, our new technical sales manager. Lawrence has an extensive 6 year background in formulating personal care products, including products containing rhamolipids a type of biosurfactant, working at both Unilever and Pennwhite Ltd.  He is the perfect person for advising formulators who want to include our excellent biosurfactants products in their own formulations. This doesn’t mean he is just at his desk, he can often be found in the lab tinkering with his own Honeysurf based formulations giving him a very personal knowledge of how best to utilise our biosurfactant. Lawrence is a fantastic addition to our team and has already proven this through interacting with our distributors as well as helping to advise commercial companies such as Mix in how to use our sustainable green Honeysurf.

What are your favourite things to do to relax?

I love to get out in nature & play sport – mainly football.

What is something you picked up during lockdown?

DIY! I bought my first house during lockdown - And I feel very lucky to have done so.

Favourite trip/holiday?

slovenia/Italy roadtrip. Stayed in a remote log cabin near lake Bled before driving to Venice.

Why did you want to work for Holiferm?

I was immediately struck by the ambition of Holiferm and the energy that each person brings to work every day. I also saw a clear way I could bring new knowledge and benefit the company, so it was the perfect challenge for me.

What are your values, what do you think drives you?

I believe we should make the world a better place for ourselves, the people around us & if possible the wider world. In whatever way you can.

How would you described your character in 3 words?

Fun, Interested, Optimistic.

Favourite meal?

I love food! I probably enjoy tapas/small plates the most when eating out so I get to try as many things as possible!

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