Meet The Team – Andrew Hardwick

Next up on our meet the team series, we are pleased to introduce you all to Andrew Hardwick our new executive assistant. Andrew comes to us as an experienced educator who has trekked all over the world from the depths of the jungle in Borneo, to Vietnam and Malawi. He has been in a variety of teaching roles; either teaching the art of teaching to improve education in these developing countries or teaching English at international schools and English development centres. Currently he brings his formidable talents to help us sharpen our presentations and streamline our internal and external communications. We are very excited to have Andrew on board as we grow and get ready for the development of our first 1100 ton commercial facility.

What is your current role at Holiferm?

Executive Assistant

Favourite quote?

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

-Lao Tzu

What are your favourite things to do to relax?

I love watching movies, I have really a really eclectic taste; I’ll watch almost anything from Disney to Schlinder’s List. I can often be found out and about on my bike. Before coming to Manchester I was cycling 50km at least once a week.

What is something you picked up during lockdown?

Gardening. My dad has an allotment. It was really relaxing spending time with him growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables.

Favourite trip/holiday?

Mvuu Camp at Liwonde National Park in Malawi. I’ll never forget sipping a refreshing cool beer whilst watching hippos lumbering out of the river as the sun went down or when one of the hippos decided to take a bath in the swimming pool at 3am!

Any pets?

Not at the moment.

Favourite food?

I always try to find a favourite dish from each place I visit. Roasted goat reminds me of Malawi, spicy crab takes me to back to Singapore, nasi goreng is the flavour of Borneo and for Vietnam it can only be pho. The UK? Fish and chips by the beach of course!

Why did you want to work for Holiferm?

Our world is in a perilous place at the moment. We all need to do what we can to make a difference and leave the world in a better state than we found it. Holiferm has the ability to make a real difference to the environment and to ensure everyday products are manufactured in a sustainable and natural way.

How would you described your character in 3 words?

Thoughtful, relaxed, friendly

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