Meet Our Distributors

At Holiferm, we have worked tirelessly to refine our production process and our end product HoneySurf. Our success in these areas has led us to successfully fundraise for our first commercial facility, which will produce 1100 tons a year of our excellent sustainable HoneySurf. This however is only half the battle, the other half is making sure that our products are visible to people looking for green bio-surfactants as well available for them to use. This is why we have signed up with great distributors such as Biesterfield, Aqia, Eurosyn and Azelis, so HoneySurf can reach many corners of the globe and be visible in many markets.

We are also please pleased to announce that we now have company profiles on the Where to Buy Directory and Chembid. People can now find out about our great products and our company from so many different sources around the internet. Please go and check out our profile, as well as those of our distributors, because here at Holiferm we will not rest until we have helped removed the dependency of the global surfactant market on petrochemicals, while ensuring that products remain affordable and well-priced for all.

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