Latest Addition to the team

We at Holiferm are happy to show off our latest addition to the team.

Shown above are images of our new stainless steel industrial 63 L gravity separator. It has been built by PSS engineering ( as part of a successful innovate UK project, and can be used for sophorolipid separation in up to a 10 tonne industrial bioreactor. The Separator has been tested up to 7.9 Kbar of pressure and shown to adhere to current EU regulation as well as our own exacting standards. This represents a significant step forward in bringing Holiferm’s expertise and biosurfactant production to the pilot and then commercial scale. We at Holiferm are committed to realising our vision of green, efficient biosurfactant production providing an economically viable alternative to petrochemical based surfactants for all surfactant based markets. We are currently on track to see a 600 L pilot facility built and running by the end of this year.

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