Laboratory Update

Holiferm's brand new fermentation and analytical laboratory is nearly fully operational. We have undertaken a total refit of the 1000 ft2 space and installed entirely new flooring, bench units, biosaftey cabinet and extraction fume hood, all bespoke and to our demanding specifications. We are now using the laboratory for our sophorolipid downstream and formulation work and, in the coming weeks, we will install our bioreactors and autoclave.

In stage two we will be beefing up our analytical capabilities with the installation of a new HPLC and other exciting instruments. This will allow us to continue to increase our ability to characterise sophorolipids and other biosurfactants. These improved techniques will enable us to certify product quality and to supply all markets including household, I&I and personal care.

Holiferm's ultimate goal is to fully commercialise sophorolipids and other biosurfactants, across all industries.

We followed all government advice throughout the refit and commissioning of our new laboratory, and will continue to do so, demonstrating our entire team's dedication and commitment to continue to meet and exceed on every goal we set.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly at