Holiferm joins the Royal Society of Chemistry’s EnterprisePlus Scheme

Holiferm is pleased to announce we have joined EnterprisePlus from the Royal Society of Chemistry. EnterprisePlus is a dedicated scheme for SMEs working on research and development in chemical sciences.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a not-for-profit organisation, which was started over 175 years ago and has more than 50,000 members. They believe the chemical science industry has the power to create solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges – from climate change to beating disease.

The chemical science industry is a very diverse sector; comprising of 2500 small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which make up 97% of the industry and together employ 40% of chemists.

EnterprisePlus is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s dedicated scheme for SMEs. It currently represents nearly 400 companies. Through the scheme they provide opportunities for business promotion, recruiting strong candidates and finding the connections and information needed to grow and expand businesses.

Joining the scheme allows Holiferm access to a diverse network of people who can assist with many areas of the business; including recruitment, grants and equity funding. We are excited to explore the benefits being a part of EnterprisePlus will bring to our company. We are especially looking forward to finding out if there are other SMEs we can partner with and work alongside to help each develop, expand and grow.

For more information contact: info@holiferm.com or https://www.rsc.org/sme/