Holiferm becomes the newest member of  Cosmetics Cluster UK

Holiferm is delighted to become the latest company to join Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK), a network of cosmetic and personal care companies around the country. CCUK facilitates collaboration and acts as a vital point of contact for the cosmetics and personal care products sector in the UK. Their mission is to connect companies in the cosmetics industry to support best practice, collaborations and solve challenges.

Cosmetics Cluster UK works across four themes to bring their members together and highlight how important the beauty and cosmetics market is to the UK economy. The four themes are Education & Skills, Sustainability, Research & Innovation and Networking & Global Clusters. Here’s how Holiferm sits comfortably in each of these themes:

  • Education & Skills – our patented technology was created at the University of Manchester, we offer regular internships to students, we develop the skills of our employees through training opportunities
  • Sustainability – we use natural ingredients in a natural process, we produce less carbon dioxide gas than methods used to create similar products using petrochemicals, we use a continuous method of production which allows for a higher yield
  • Research & Innovation – we are currently researching how our patented method can be used to produce and manufacture a range of molecules, our patented gravity separation technique is unique and driving the chemical manufacturing industry in a greener and more sustainable direction
  • Networking & global clusters – we attend and show at expos and conferences around the world, we take part in conversations with leading brands around the world to change the conversation on how chemicals are manufactured, we have secured investments from around the world including The Netherlands and USA

If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly at Info@holiferm.com. or info@cosmeticsclusteruk.com