Holiferm and MixCleanGreen hit the Crowdfunding scene with Green Clean Bubbles

We at Holiferm are pleased to announce , in partnership with MixCleanGreen, of "Green Clean Bubbles" the launch of a Crowdfunder in which we and Mix launch innovative, green products which contain our sophorolipid based bio-surfactant Honeysurf . In this Crowdfunder, aside from offering products, we are also offering experiences with as at our lab and pilot facilities, as well as the opportunity to get involved with naming all our bioreactors, including the 600L bioreactor.  We are excited to be offering this opportunity directly to consumers. We believe that bio-surfactants are the future for mild, sensitive, green products and the way forward for the surfactant industry as a whole, to reduce our carbon footprint and make a sustainable future. We believe in cooperation, transparency and new ways of thinking, so are giving the opportunity to like minded people to join us on that journey.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly at Info@holiferm.com.