Drumming up business

So as we reach the end of this month we look back on a month of milestones.

  • First successful run of our 600L pilot plant reactor.
  • First international sale of our wonderful Honeysurf LF

  • First 200kg drum of Honeysurf LF shipped.

We at Holiferm have been working towards this successful pilot run for over half a year. To have produced this amount of product, and achieve the quality we have achieved is very reaffirming in our belief that our goal to transition from petrochemical surfactants, while lofty and difficult, is ultimately achievable. We look forward to shipping all our future drums of Honeysurf, and definitely look forward to shipping our first IBC.  The future of affordable, sustainable bio-surfactant is closer than ever and we at Holiferm are glad to be on the forefront of the green wave!

If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly at Info@holiferm.com.