Construction of pilot bioreactor begins

Holiferm are excited to announce that the design stage for our pilot bioreactor has now finished and construction has begun. We have achieved this in collaboration with BPES and Solaris Biotech, having designed the bioreactor in conjunction with them. Solaris will be using their extensive expertise to construct this cutting edge bioreactor, having almost two decades of fermentation reactor design and construction under their belts.

This 450L working capacity reactor is planned to be operational and producing sophorolipid in early Q1 2021. It is estimated to be capable of producing 25 tonnes of product per annum and will enable us to provide sophorolipid samples for our partners’ pilot facilities to test in their formulations as well as allowing us to provide commercial quantities to smaller brands.(shown above is a similar reactor to the one being constructed.)

The pilot plant is a key stage in demonstrating that our high productivity sophorolipid technology is scalable and is a stepping stone to our planned industrial scale commercial facility.  The sophorolipid produced by the pilot plant will be a significant progression in delivering our promise of green, commercially viable biosurfactants to all interested markets.

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