Building up the Pilot Plant

As some of you will have already seen by our last post and in other small news outlets, Holiferm has successfully expanded into Sci-Tech Daresbury before being Awarded £400K by the Liverpool City Region’s I2F2 Fund. This move occurred right at the end of October 2020, and we are happy to show all of you our new space! As well as the recent addition of a 40L bioreactor which will be used alongside the 600L bioreactor currently being constructed by Solaris Biotech.

We are excited to be expanding into Sci-Tech Daresbury as it ideally located for excellent access to raw materials supply as well as global producers of surfactant containing products. This facility represents another step towards reaching industrial scale production of bio-surfactants using Holiferm's patented semi-continuous fermentation technology, as well as presenting new challenges. For example shown below is one ton of the sugar, dextrose, that our yeast consumes to produce our bio-surfactant product Honeysurf.

At our current lab scale it would take us 5 years to convert this amount of sugar into sophorolipid, however when the pilot facility is up and running it is estimated to be consumed in 1 month…. 1 month!

While this presents new terrain for us as a company, with the help from our investors and collaborators as well as the considerable expertise consolidated into the Holiferm team, we know that we will surmount the challenge of getting this site up and running. Our vision of sustainable, green bio-surfactants removing the global surfactant market's dependency on petrochemicals has never been closer. For more news please watch this space and perhaps support us through our crowdfunding campaign Green Clean Bubbles.

If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to contact us directly at