Attention is shone on Holiferm's new pilot plant.

We at Holiferm have been pleased to see that we aren't the only ones getting excited about our new pilot plant. Our newly launched pilot plant has generated a press release from Sci-Tech Daresbury where we are based, as well as comments from both the CEO of Sci-Tech Daresbury John Downes, and the Metro mayor of the Liverpool City Region Steve Rotheram.

“Holiferm is developing a range of products which could prove vital in helping us to create a more sustainable world, and the company is an excellent new addition to our dynamic business community at Sci-Tech Daresbury and build the capabilities on the campus both in life sciences and materials, important sectors for us. I’m confident that the world-class science facilities and collaborative culture on-site represents the perfect environment for the company to truly flourish. The launch of the pilot plant is a really exciting milestone in their work manufacturing biosurfactants that are both cost-effective and eco-friendly, and we look forward to supporting the company’s staff on this potentially game-changing endeavour.”

-John Downes

“These are tough times for the country and our region, but we are doing everything we can to protect people’s jobs and businesses while trying to attract and create new ones. I’m really glad that we were able to attract Holiferm to the region through our Business Growth Package – and I hope they’ll be the first of many.  It’s brilliant news to see that they have their pilot plant up and running already.

Retaining as many businesses, jobs and investment as possible, while attracting new ones will be really important in helping our region recover from the economic effects of this pandemic, but we’re already making a start!”

-Steve Rotheram

We are truly thankful for  the £400,000 from the I2F2 grant given to us by  Liverpool City Region, and the support provided by Sci-Tech Daresbury. This support will enable us to expand, producing more jobs as we continue to grow, while also helping us provide sustainable, fully bio-degradable alternatives to the global surfactant market.

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