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Mix Clean Green uses Holiferm’s HoneySurf to bring environmentally friendly products to market

Mix Clean Green has partnered with Holiferm to use their sophorolipid HoneySurf in their products. Both companies have a major focus on the environment, using natural ingredients and sustainability. Therefore forming a working partnership was a natural decision for both companies.

Mix Clean Green, provides consumers with a range of ‘clean green’ products that will leave their homes looking and smelling fantastic without costing the planet.

Most traditional or mainstream cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic, have up to 95% water content and use chemicals that are toxic to humans and the environment. This creates huge amounts of plastic waste, a big carbon footprint in getting to your home and has a huge impact on the environment. The products manufactured and distributed by Mix Clean Green address all these concerns and more. They also donate 5% of their profits to the exceptional work of Project Seagrass, which improves ocean/coastline biodiversity and establishes seagrass meadows, which absorb 2.5 times more CO2 than established woodlands.

Kate Deacon, founder/director of Mix Clean Green states, “Our sustainable cleaning products are not only free from all the nasties but are super-concentrate (add water at home rather than paying to transport it your home) keeping the carbon footprint teeny, tiny. At the centre of all that we do is the Planet. No single-use plastics, refillable, most importantly, everything we use from the way the ingredient is made, all the way to what happens when it disappears down our plughole is taken into consideration to make sure it has the smallest possible impact.”

Mix Clean Green currently use Holiferm’s HoneySurf in four of their products. Their first personal care product to include it is their Mix-osaurus bubble bath for children. It is enriched with organic Apricot Kernel oil and packed with moisturisers and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, from new-born babies upwards. It’s scented with rhubarb and vanilla, leaving your child smelling sweet and clean.

Holiferm was founded on the back of patented gravity separation technology developed at the University of Manchester. As a company it aims to disrupt the market and replace all petrochemical produced surfactants with naturally produced biosurfactants. They use yeast derived from honey to produce biosurfactants using a continuous cycle method, which makes them not only more economically viable, but more environmentally friendly too. The biosurfactants have applications in many products found around the home including cosmetics, skin care, shower gels and hand cleansers. Currently there are two products on the market; HoneySurf and HoliSurf. They both come in two versions LF and HF. LF is highly lactonic and produces a low amount of foam. HF is highly acidic and produces a high volume of foam.

Managing Director of Holiferm, Richard Lock stated, “Our long term partnership with Mix Green Clean has allowed us to share knowledge and mutually support each other for the benefit of our customers. At Holiferm, we look to support start-ups who are capable of exponential growth due to the endless, unbounded opportunities available to them. The possibilities for the use of sophorolipids in everyday products to create a sustainable future are limitless.

Dave Atherton, QC and Downstream Scientist at Holiferm, added “At Holiferm we all believe in our products, the benefits our biosurfactants will bring to market and the positive environmental impact they will have. Whether we are working with large distributors or independent companies, seeing their finished products on the market confirms our beliefs and makes all the hard work worth it.“

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