Published On: 4th Mar, 2022By Categories: Holiferm News1 min read

Holiferm nominated for Innovation Award

Holiferm has been nominated for the Innovation Award at the Chemicals NorthWest Awards 2022. The awards will be presented at a special dinner on 24th March.

We are very proud that we have been recognised for the innovation of our patented gravity step separation fermentation technology, which we use to manufacture our biosurfactants. Our unique process allows us to manufacture in a continuous cycle, rather than using the more expensive batch method, which means our products can be marketed at a competitive price point.

Our new commercial plant at Wallasey will be the biggest to manufacture sophorolipids in the UK and bring our products; HoliSurf and HoneySurf, to mass market for the first time. The plant is due to come online by the end of the year and will help us achieve our mission as a a company.

Our vision is to manufacture biosurfactants across the globe to disrupt the market and replace harmful petrochemical derived surfactants with our naturally produced and environmentally friendly biosurfactants.

For more information about Holiferm and our products HoliSurf and HoneySurf please contact