Published On: 14th Feb, 2022By Categories: Holiferm News0.9 min read

Holiferm in America

At the beginning of this month our CEO, Ben Dolman and Managing Director, Richard Lock, went to America to attend the ACI Convention.

During the first week of February 2022 Ben and Richard travelled to Flordia to attend the American Cleaning Institute Convention in Orlando. They had a great time making new connections and bringing HoliSurf and HoneySurf to an international audience. They were able to network with companies we hadn’t previously had contact with and meet some people we had been talking to face to face for the first time.

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It is amazing to see what we have achieved in 3 years and the direction we are now headed in. Our strategy of connecting with companies and businesses globally will help strengthen the reach of our products and lead to a more effective disrupting of the market going forward. Come and join us on our journey.