Published On: 13th Jun, 2022By Categories: Holiferm News1.3 min read

Our first equipment arrives at Ocean Park, Wallasey

Last week we took delivery of the first pieces of equipment for our new commercial plant at Ocean Park in Wallasey. Some the pipework has already been fitted in preparation for the next delivery.

On Thursday we were excited to receive a large delivery to our Ocean Park site at Wallasey. The shipment contained pipework and some vessels. Everyone at Ocean Park were excited to see the delivery come in as it represents a major mile stone in the journey of the plant. We can finally start to build the inside of the plant and see it taking shape.

The pipework was quickly erected on the walls along the side of the unit which will house the initial stages of the manufacturing process. It’s not until you see this going up that you realise the sheer size and scale of the build ahead of us.

This first stage will hopefully be followed by others in quick succession. We hope the plant will be operational by early 2023. Once working, it will produce circa 1100 tonnes a year and supply companies and distributors globally including those in Italy, France and Germany.