Published On: 14th Feb, 2022By Categories: Holiferm News0.9 min read

Bring Culture to the front

Culture is important at Holiferm. It’s more than just a word, it’s the way we do things and why we do them.

What makes a company tick? For Holiferm it’s people and culture.

We value our company culture and people very highly. We recently took our entire staff to Wallasey to see our new site and to take part in a company culture day.

We took the time to talk about the culture at our company, what we are getting right and how we can do even better. We had a range of topics up for discussion including mental health, environment, socials, promotions, recruitment and development opportunities. Everyone was able to pitch in with suggestions and talk about what was important to them.

As we grow as a company throughout 2022 we will be working hard to ensure company culture and the welfare of our staff remain at the forefront of our minds in everything we do.

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