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Biosurfactants: Transforming Industries

At Holiferm we manufacture biosurfactants. These are sustainable microorganisms that have the ability to completely transform industries. Biosurfactants are widely recognised as the best alternative to petrochemical surfactants due to their unique properties. Until recently there hasn’t been a production method which allowed biosurfactants to be commercially viable at a cost and scale needed to compete in the market. Holiferm’s fermentation with integrated gravity separation technology perfectly meets this need.

Biosurfactants are produced by microorganisms in a naturally occurring process. It’s their unique structure which enables them to affect surface tension and thereby spread liquids further. Therefore, they are useful in a wide range of products and industries, including the following:

Agriculture: We have recently seen an interest in our biosurfactants from those in agriculture. Our biosurfactants can be used as adjuvants in formulations for pesticides, where they improve how effectively products can protect crops. They also have properties which aid with retaining water and improving the structure of soil, which makes them practical for use in more sustainable farming methods.

Cleaning: Biosurfactants are driving change green in the cleaning market. Traditionally cleaning products have contained petrochemical derived surfactants which have harmful and negative effects on the environment. Biosurfactants are both biodegradable and non-toxic. This means they are a sustainable alternative for use in cleaning products used in households and industrial products.

Personal Care and Cosmetics: Biosurfactants are increasingly being talked about by the personal care industry, where they can be effective due to their gentle nature. They can used in formulations for shower gels, body cleansers, shampoos and skincare products. Biosurfactants are excellent natural foamers. They are also extremely mild and have emulsifying properties, meaning they can be confidently used without causing harm to the skin.

Biosurfactants really do have the ability to transform industries. They are a sustainable solution to the challenges faced in a number of sectors to make products, formulations and methods cleaner, greener and more sustainable. We have only just begun to tap into their potential and see them being used widely in many more industries in the future.

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