Holiferm’s Crowdfunder

Green Clean Bubbles

Holiferm have partnered with Mix Clean Green in launching a Crowdfunding campaign, Green Clean Bubbles,  to produce and sell a range of bio-surfactant based products. These products all contain Holiferm's innovative Honeysurf products. This range of products include a multi-surface cleaner, a bubblebath, a bath cleaning mix and washing up liquid. The aim of this Campaign is twofold:

  • To allow both Holiferm and MixCleanGreen to upscale faster so that they can provide innovative and sustainable products at more affordable prices, for Holiferm this would allow us to more quickly populate our pilot plant with cutting edge analytical equipment and better downstream processing machinery.
  • To help us show potential investors and  collaborators that there is a high consumer interest in green sustainable products and that the future of the surfactant market is green and sustainable bio-surfactants.

Reasons to support our campaign

  • Supporting green innovation and helping to fight climate change with your wallet while receiving green wholesome products in return!
  • Supporting next generation manufacturing and help us realise our dream of selling industrial amounts of biosurfactants at prices everyone can afford to replace petrochemical surfactants.
  • A say in the type of cleaning products you receive and the satisfaction of supporting the creation of a whole new range of sustainable household and personal cleaning products!
  • Enable us to do more experimentation with waste feed stocks, turning sugar molasses and waste cooking oil into sophorolipids for use in surfactant based markets.

Please find all our reactor naming polls located here.

remember you will need the password sent out to you in order to gain access to the polls page, if you wish to vote please check out our Crowdfunder where you can also get access to bubbly sustainable products!