About Holiferm

Green surfactants for eco-friendly products

Holiferm is commercialising biosurfactants for use in environmentally friendly home and personal care products.

How It’s Done

Accelerating the transition

Holiferm is a purpose-led company that aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by developing and supplying sustainable, non-fossil based, fermentation-derived ingredients for industrial and consumer products.

Holiferm transform existing biosurfactant and lipid production processes by taking traditional and expensive batch fermentation and developing commercially viable, continuous manufacturing processes to deliver green products to the mass market at the correct volume and price point.

How It’s Done

Patented integrated gravity separation

Holiferm’s patented integrated gravity separation and fermentation technology is a plug and play system that increases fermentation process productivity by three to four times, reducing production costs by more than 50% and enabling low cost production of biosurfactants: renewable, biodegradable and mild alternatives to the petrochemical derived surfactants used in household cleaning, laundry and personal care products.

Holiferm is dedicated to the commercialisation of economic biosurfactant production processes, providing a complete platform technology for production, isolation and purification, enabling significant market disruption and growth.